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Crossfit Midlo

CrossFit Midlo was Richmond’s first CrossFit affiliate south of the James River. We are a fitness community committed to supreme and life-long functionality. As such, our goal is to give you optimal preparation for whatever physical challenges you may encounter in life. Whether you are a student-athlete, one of our nation’s warriors, our community’s firefighters/law enforcement officers, our families’ housewives, or our children’s grandparents, CrossFit Midlo is for you.

Folks from varied ages, backgrounds, and experiences have found extreme success here. They’ve seen amazing results in their health and fitness. This, in a supportive community with expert coaching and through workouts that are constantly varied so that you are consistently challenged. You won’t get bored!  Please peruse our site.  Call or email us with any questions. We’d love for you to join us in our pursuit of greater athletic performance, fitness, and health.

– Kevin Knight : Owner/Head Coach, CrossFit Midlo