Roots is our prerequisite for anyone planning on becoming a member at CrossFit Midlo. Many CrossFit movements are done under load

(you lift weights–if not now, eventually) and thus proper technique is vital for safety and efficiency. We will introduce and drill this technique during our Roots course.

Bring your great attitude and willingness to learn. Leave your ego at the door.

Ego shows up in two ways: 1) As arrogance– “I’m too good for this”… and, 2) As self-deprecation, “I’m awful…”, “I’ll never be able to…”. Both are overly self-absorbed and will hinder your improvement. Both will negatively affect the atmosphere of our community.

Group Roots is 12 sessions long. It generally meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:15PM for 4 weeks. Roots attendance is mandatory; if two or more classes are missed, a makeup Private Session is needed. Times may vary per month. ($160 for 4 weeks)

Private Roots is generally 6 sessions long. Athletes will learn the same material of that in Group Roots, but it is one-on-one with a CrossFit Midlo coach. Though the rate of Private Roots is higher than Group Roots, the private atmosphere and flexible scheduling is very convenient for those with busy agendas. ($330 for 6 sessions or $55/per)

Make sure to eat and hydrate well before coming. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and your payment.

Check out our Facebook page for updates on upcoming Roots classes. (You can also contact us directly.)

*If you have been through a similar elements/foundations course at a CrossFit gym elsewhere, and feel as though you don’t need Roots, we do offer an Evaluation Session to see if you test-out of Roots. Call or email to set up an appointment to do so. (Evaluation: $40)