There is arguably no greater bond among folks as when they work alongside one another, through the fog of adversity, and overcome. There is a shared sense of accomplishment and connection that comes only after facing something difficult alongside someone else. This is the daily norm here, and it is found in our group classes.

Some embrace our Group Classes because of the community.

To have folks cheer you on as you struggle for final reps in a grueling workout is very special–and rare outside of CrossFit.

Some embrace them for the competition.

It has revived in them a determination to get better. Having something or someone to chase seems to motivate them and helps them to reach their goals faster (the same can be said for the individual who is being chased).

Others still, embrace them for the instruction and coaching.

This, truly, is what sets the CrossFit Midlo apart from other gyms you may have been to. In other gyms you are on your own to choose your workouts, loads, rep schemes, etc… you generally have no direction on whether you are doing the movements correctly, and no feedback on whether your fitness is getting better or not. In fact, CrossFit’s movements are rarely found in big box gyms as they require superior instruction and the proper space/facility to accommodate them. These are the reasons for all their machines and their interest in you being stapled to them.

There are no machines here. You are the machine, and a CrossFit Midlo coach instructs you on how to move safely and efficiently. Our athletes have stated that while attending our group classes, they feel as though they have a “personal trainer”–and for a fraction of the cost. This because throughout the class our coaches are teaching, correcting, motivating, and encouraging. These to ensure proper mechanics and thus safety; a full range of motion, and thus, greater functionality and neuro-endocrine response; and a heightened intensity, and thus, faster results. CrossFit Midlo embraces group classes as our main form of instruction because they make folks better.

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