What is Crossfit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that incorporates movements we use in everyday life. In doing so, we become more efficient at life and all its challenges. CrossFit workouts are always different–never following a routine. We do, though, revisit “benchmark workouts” to gather concrete and objective evidence on how our fitness is progressing. CrossFit is hard work. Progress in life generally requires effort and some discomfort.


What makes CrossFit Midlo different than _____ (you fill it in) Big Box, Globo Gym?
Big box gyms are structured to make money by getting you to sign up, locking you in for years, then hoping you never come back. CrossFit Midlo is structured to make you better. Your attendance is our goal. Your hard work is our passion. Your success is our business plan. We are committed to supreme and life-long functionality–and this through workouts that are constantly varied so that you are consistently challenged. You wonʼt get bored. Our movements are not generally taught in regular gyms. Though optimal for elite fitness, prolonged functionality and improved health, they require superior instruction and the proper space/facility to accommodate them.


How is CrossFit different than P90X?
(as answered by CrossFit Advantage in Washington State)
• P90X only lasts 90 days and is repetitive, CrossFit lasts a lifetime and is constantly varied.
• P90X provides standard programming that you learn from a video, CrossFit gives you hands on instruction with certified trainers.


Is CrossFit for everyone?
Thatʼs kind of like asking if eating healthy is for everyone. It is, but not everyone does, or will. Under knowledgable coaches who properly evaluate the specific needs of each client and scale accordingly, CrossFit is the best program for both the supremely fit, and the severely de- conditioned.

Many may balk at the claim that the olympic athlete can workout beside the grandmother and be satisfied in his expenditure; and she, similarly, be unquestionably safe. The key here, is appropriate scaling. This is the wonderful thing about CrossFit. It is infinitely scalable to meet the needs of every individual.


Do you offer any discounts?
Family discount: For immediate household members. Please inquire about pricing.
Fire, EMS, LEO, and Active Military: Your lives and ours may depend on your fitness. Please inquire about your special discount.


I have kids. Can they come?
Be a good example for your children. Let them see that your fitness/health is a priority to you. They have an amazing knack for following the example we set for them. We have a “kids coral” with toys and activities. Come check it out! (There is no babysitter or daycare provided).